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Build Your Career Office Life

Workers Say Some Apps Should Be Banned in Workplace


Co-workers may be judging the time you spend tapping away on smartphones and tablets at work, with nine out of ten believing the devices hinder work productivity, a new study suggests.

According to a report by video platform provider Qumu conducted by Harris Interactive, about 91 percent of those surveyed said smartphones or tablets are at least somewhat influential in encouraging people from performing non-work-related tasks, such as watching personal videos, playing games and reading e-books.

This survey was conducted online among 2,361 U.S. adults ages 18 and older. The margin of error was not given.

The report also found that over three quarters (76 percent) believe that some apps should be banned from being used in the workplace. About 39 percent of respondents think gaming apps should be banned, while 34 percent object to online shopping apps and social networking apps (37 percent). [Read: Banned! Top 10 Apps That Got Zapped]

Although 51 percent said dating apps should also be banned at work, people believe apps that feature pornography (67 percent) and match people up for sex (63 percent) should also be outlawed at the office.

Only 11 percent said news apps should be banned.

This story was provided by TechNewsDaily, sister site to BusinessNewsDaily.