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House Committee on Small Business Launched Online Forum for Biz Owners

Have you ever wanted to voice your opinion to government officials regarding the policies that affect your small business?  Now, thanks to a new online forum launched on the House Small Business Committee website, you have your chance.

The Small Biz Open Mic online community gives small business owners the unique ability to directly communicate and voice their opinions with the House Small Business Committee on the policies that will directly affect them. These comments will then be used by the House Small Business Committee in hearings and as an aid in the Committee's official business, giving business owners a great opportunity to seek the changes in legislation they need to be successful.

"Week after week, the theme from our committee hearings is that small businesses are being suffocated with over-regulation, crippling taxation and economic uncertainty," said Rep. Sam Graves of Missouri, chairman of the House Small Business Committee in a statement announcing the launch of the website.  "The testimony that we hear from our hearings are an important part of our legislative process; however, not every small business has the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C., to appear before the committee. That’s why we are launching Small Biz Open Mic. This interactive online community will allow small business owners from all across America the ability to communicate directly with the House Small Business Committee."

To this end, the Small Biz Open Mic community provides a valuable service to the 30 million small business owners as they are encouraged to comment and share their own stories or opinions so that the House Small Business Committee can best serve their needs and desires and learn from them. 

"To do our jobs well, we need to hear directly from small companies about how government is hurting or helping their business," said Graves. "With their help, we can make certain that Washington supports policies that allow small businesses to thrive and pave the way to economic growth, innovation and job creation.  The Small Business Committee not only wants, but needs to hear from you [business owners]."

It appears that business owners are seizing the opportunity, as there have been more than 1,000 comments on the page since its launch last week.  Graves believes that those business owners who take advantage of this opportunity will be the ones who help to change the current economic situation in the country.

"Small businesses create seven of every 10 new jobs and employ over half of the nation’s work force; which is why it is vitally important that government supports, instead of burdens, America’s job creators," said Graves.  "America’s nearly 30 million small businesses are the engines of job creation and the lifeblood of our nation’s economy. Simply put — our nation’s economy will only go as far as our small businesses will take it."