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Bright Ideas: App Puts Parents Behind the Wheel (Almost)

teen-driver-11090202 Credit: Lisa F. Young | Dreamstime.com

A new smartphone app is aimed at curbing the number of teen driver accidents. The Eye Phone Group recently launched a new mobile app, TeenAgree, which is designed to help parents teach and enforce the rules of the road. The cornerstone of the app is a safe driving agreement, in which teens pledge to follow the rules of the road by staying within a certain geographic area, driving under a preset speed limit and not texting while behind the wheel.

TeenAgree allows parents to discreetly hold their young drivers accountable, sending an alert in the event that the agreed-upon limits are crossed or exceeded. Using GPS technology, parents also can track their teen’s speed and location in real time or receive daily emails with information about their teen’s driving.

"Teens are rarely without their smartphones, and with the increasing number of distractions young drivers face, parents are looking for a way to enforce traffic laws and their own rules of driving," Eye Phone Group President Nathan Ooley said in a prepared release. The app also provides teens with options to request boundary and increased speed restrictions. Parents receive a notification when limit change requests are made, and can choose to approve or deny them.

TeenAgree is available on the iTunes App Store and Android Market. The Eye Phone Group is a mobile software developer that has created numerous smartphone apps – including iTruckit, which helps delivery drivers manage their schedules, and TheRoutePro, designed to assist dry cleaning delivery drivers in tracking their pickups and drop-offs.