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Say Hello to Twitter’s New Competitor: Heello


Twitter has a twin. New social media website, Heello, was launched earlier this week as a competitor to Twitter. We went hands-on with the siteand, so far, it seems to be identical in everything but name. Instead of “tweets” there’s “pings”, “followers” become “listeners”, and “retweets” are “echoes.”

The character limit on Heello is 140, just like Twitter’s. Even the interface is similar. The only difference appears to be that Heello continuously updates its stream, which isn’t so much an advancement as an annoyance.

The man behind Heello is Noah Everett, a former employee at Twitpic. Since Twitter decided to launch their own competitor for Twitpic, some  journalists have speculated that Heello is simply Everett’s revenge against Twitter.

With a long list of failed Twitter replicas (Jaiku anyone?), and no obvious benefits with switching to Heello, it seems unlikely that it will be taking Twitter’s crown anytime soon.

This story was provided by LaptopMag, sister site to BusinessNewsDaily.