Study Aid Bracelets Make 'Scents' For Students

Forget Silly Bandz. Parents hoping to boost their child’s grades next year may want to consider adding Whiffers to their back-to-school shopping list.

Whiffers are a scent-based, memory-enhancing study aid worn around students’ wrists. According to Whiffers' manufacturer, Alliance Rubber Company, the product utilizes scents that have been scientifically proven to boost information recall ability and to help the wearer relax.

The company claims students should wear the rubber band-type bracelet while studying and then again while taking the test, with the idea that sniffing the scent during testing will help bring to mind the information that was studied while the student initially wore it.

According to the company, Whiffers have been a hit with parents and teachers, who say the bands have improved kids’ learning habits and helped them connect with the material and stay focused. The bands, which sell for $3.95 for a three-pack, are available in peppermint, lavender and spearmint scents.

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