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Advertising That Keeps Web Visitors in its Sights


There’s a way you can help turn tire kickers on your website into buyers, even if you don’t reel them in on their first visit. It’s called retargeting and it’s becoming one of the most popular technologies in online advertising.  Does it work? Google does it.

Retargeting works by targeting people who have previously visited your website to show them your banner ads on ad display networks such as Google, Yahoo and AOL. When they visit your site or a specific section of your site such as a product description, a cookie is dropped in their browser that lets them be tracked for future ad delivery.

This is not just an ad playground for the Fortune 500. ReTargeter, a 20-person startup  that entered the retargeting space in 2009, earlier this year launched  a self-service software-as-service (SaaS) program that enables small companies to build and run their own retargeting campaigns like the one above for as little as $500 per month.

"ReTargeter gives you the ability to target persons who visit websites and present more relevant ads to them as they wander around the Web, " Arjun Dev Arora, ReTargeter's president, told Business News Daily. "It's the nexus between social media and advertising."

It's like when a person walks into a store and looks around but doesn't buy, Arora said.

"As they walk out the store, we put something on their shoe," he said. "When they leave they see billboards advertising what was in the store they just visited. We do that process online."

The company said its technology is capable of increasing conversion rates from return visitors from five to seven times, with an average click-through rate as much as 10 times higher than that of standard display advertising.

Arora said that a retargeting campaign that delivers 15 to 20 impressions a month for each unique visitor gets the best results. ReTargeter's base $500 monthly covers up to 10,000 unique visitors per month; the price for larger campaigns scales accordingly.

The company retargets ads through the Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Fox and AOL ad networks. ReTargeter is currently being used by companies that include DKNY, Get Satisfaction, GigaOm, Microsoft, Marriott and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Using ReTargeter's Saas tool to launch a campaign is a simple, three-step process. Clients log on to their own dashboards, copy code to their websites and upload their ads in standard banner formats. If a client needs help to create ads, ReTargeter can handle that as well for an additional fee.

Reach BusinessNewsDaily senior writer Ned Smith at nsmith@techmedianetwork.com. Follow him on Twitter @nedbsmith.

Ned Smith

Ned was senior writer at Sweeney Vesty, an international consulting firm, and was Vice President of communications for iQuest Analytics. Before that, he has been a web editor and managed the Internet and intranet sites for Citizens Communications. He began his journalism career as a police reporter with the Roanoke (Va.) Times, and was managing editor of American Way magazine and senior editor of Us. He was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force and has a masters in journalism from the University of Arizona.