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Lead Your Team Women in Business

Women-Owned Businesses Faring Better Than the Rest

Small businesses owned by women are experiencing less of a decline during this recession than small businesses owned by men, according to Capital Access Network Inc.’s Data Services Division Small Business Credit Sales Report.

The report's examination of thousands of small businesses found that of those surveyed, the group as a whole lost 3.4 percent of their credit card sales in the second quarter of 2011 compared with the second quarter of 2010, but that small businesses owned by women saw a decline of only 1.5 percent (compared with small businesses owned by men, which saw a 3.6 percent drop).

“This is the first time we have reported year-over-year card sales broken down by the gender of the business owner,” said Glenn Goldman, CEO of Capital Access Network. “Our findings indicate that, this past quarter, " target="_blank">women-owned small businesses seem to be rebounding faster out of the recession than those owned by men.”