Just because you've got a Facebook page doesn't mean you're using it to its full potential. Figuring out how to rack up the "likes," keep your customers engaged and leverage social media to complement your existing marketing and branding can be a real challenge, even for big companies. We asked social media experts to weigh in on which companies are doing a great job with their Facebook campaigns.



"JetBlue is doing an awesome job," said Richard Laermer, CEO of RLM PR. He added that the discount airline adeptly engages fans by showing off its sense of humor and offering information relevant to its frequent flier clientele. The company’s half million Facebook fans include some who voice their love unprompted on the company’s page.



"Starbucks is fantastic," said Jon Bond, CEO of the New York-based social media marketing firm Big Fuel. Bond said the coffee chain has mastered the art of deploying promotions to attract users who care about its brand. The willingness of Starbucks’ Facebook fans to effusively praise the chain — again, unprompted — suggests the company is doing something right. The sheer number of Starbucks’ fans, almost 24 million, suggests the same.

Vitamin Water


The beverage maker that promises healthy hydration for every occasion has done a good job of attracting customers to its Facebook fan page, said Anthony Costanzo, director of strategy and integration at Gotham Direct. Costanzo said that in the past, Vitamin Water has enlisted its social media fans to submit new package designs, which have proved popular. In the screenshot above, one Vitamin Water fan says that even her dog loves the beverage.



While the online takeout ordering site’s fan count — roughly 19,000 — pales in comparison to that of larger companies, this business does a better job than most of engaging the fans it has. Seamless promises its users an easy way to order online from local restaurants. On its Facebook page, the company hosts promotions — like the one captured, offering a $250 restaurant credit — to fans who share moments in which Seamless has helped them have a great culinary experience.

"They're really trying to grow that community," Costanzo said. He added that in the past, Seamless has offered new customers a coupon for $5 off their first order. "They know the lifetime value will be high," he said.

Promotions like these may seem rudimentary, and they’re often costly, but they’re also effective.



The big box retailer has succeeded in integrating its online presence across an array of platforms, as seen on its Facebook page . It has attracted a large following, and its use of contests and promotions has helped reinforce its brand among its many fans, according to Laermer.

The retailer's social media interactions with customers  have occasionally posed a problem, as it did when the company gave donations to group supporting an anti-same-sex marriage gubernatorial candidate last year. The move drew the ire of many customers, including thousands who took to Facebook to advocate a boycott of the chain.