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Fireworks Express Offers Wide Selection for Customers, Retailers

sparkler-11070302 Credit: Dreamstime

Where there's a will there's a way. And, where there's a firecracker, there's a Fourth of July party just waiting to happen. But, what happens if you live in a state where you can't buy fireworks? You could order them online, but it's illegal to ship fireworks through the mail.

Kansas-based Black Cat Fireworks, one of the world’s largest fireworks supply retailers, found a solution to that pesky problem. The company has launched an online store that allows consumers to place an order, then have the company ship it to a local dealer (which is legal), where the consumer can pick it up.

Robert Flanagan, Black Cat vice president of customer relations and marketing, said the company recognized that people needed an easier way to browse and purchase different types of fireworks than going to remote retailers that may offer only a small selection.

“The mail order for fireworks is not legal in U.S. So our objective was to work with retailers throughout the country to allow customers exposure to where they can order fireworks, get savings and pick them up on a designated date,” Flanagan said.

Fireworks Express allows customers to view exact dates of their nearest retailers’ selling seasons and see which fireworks are legal in certain states.

Flanagan says the site has other perks as well.

“Some people use site for online orders, and some use it for reference,” Flanagan said. “Many people order from one state and then pick their order up in another state if they’re going on vacation.”

Just like the types of legal fireworks vary across retailers, types of liability insurance vary as well, and Flanagan is the first to caution safety when discussing the risks of shooting off fireworks.

“With our service, each retailer carries their own insurance, which comes from the belief that everyone’s going to get hurts with fireworks, and that’s not true,” Flanagan said. “We want everyone to celebrate safely and obey laws in their area. It’s a wonderful celebration, but lack of education with fireworks causes injuries.”