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Grow Your Business Technology

More Computer Monitors Increase Worker Productivity, Consultant Says

Searching for a way to increase your employees' productivity? The answer to this dilemma may be as simple as adding more computer monitors to their desks.

Research by eMazzanti Technologies, an IT consulting firm (which, it should be noted, sells computer monitors), showed significant gains in productivity when additional computer monitors were added to individual work stations. 

“Adding a second monitor meant an instant 20 to 30 percent increase in productivity,” said Carl Mazzanti, chief operating officer of eMazzanti, in a statement. “For every monitor we added after that, we’ve seen a three to five percent improvement. You may be able to get a 50 to 65 percent bump in productivity overall.”

This boost in productivity equates to an increase in revenue as well.  

“The return on investment on multiple monitors is so overwhelmingly fast, it’s a decision most companies should have made yesterday,” Mazzanti said.

In fact, the research shows the return on investment and productivity often occurs within the first day of use. 

“Limiting yourself to a single monitor is like having a desk the size of a single piece of notebook paper,” said Mazzanti in a statement. “More digital work space always translates into more productivity.

However, there is a point when productivity gains are negated. 
“There does appear to be diminishing returns after about eight or so monitors because of overall cost versus other factors like desk size and assumed employee hourly rates,” Mazzanti said.