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Grow Your Business Social Media

Facebook Accepting Amex Rewards Points for Ads

Here's a good reason to run up a credit card bill . American Express announced today that its card users will now be able to pay for Facebook advertising using its membership rewards points.

“We are thrilled to partner with Facebook to bring this first-of-its kind opportunity to small business card members who can now leverage the marketing power of the world’s largest social media platform in a smart and effective way," said Ed Gilligan, Vice Chairman at American Express.

Card members can redeem membership rewards points for Facebook ads through American Express OPEN’s Facebook Page facebook.com/OPEN or the membership rewards program website at membershiprewards.com. In the coming weeks, American Express will roll out a national marketing program to support this launch.

How It Works

Card members can redeem membership rewards points for Facebook ads in on Facebook.com/Open or membershiprewards.com.

1. Log in and Choose Your Amount – Access your Membership Rewards account and choose Facebook Ads denomination

2. Get Your Code – American Express sends unique Facebook redemption code via e-mail

3. Load Your Account – Create your ad and enter your Membership Rewards redemption code to pay