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Luxury Car Shoppers Are Moved by Mobile Input


If you're trying to reach top-tier consumers with high-end goods such as luxury automobiles, mobile video may be a "must-have" in your sales arsenal. An automotive study by Google, Compete and Polk found that 30 percent of luxury car shoppers watch videos on their mobile phones prior to a purchase.

Luxury car shoppers, in fact, are twice as likely as volume car shoppers to watch consumer-generated online video on their mobile devices and PCs, eMarketer reported.

Affluent consumers are far more likely than those who are less flush to use mobile and online tools to support their purchase decisions. According to a study by Affluence Collaborative, the majority of Internet users who earn more than $200,000 a year conduct product research on a weekly basis.

And about a quarter of the top tier of high-earning adults, those who make $500,000 or more a year, will research products and services every day, the study reported.

That same study showed that more than half of all online affluent consumers use the mobile Internet on a weekly basis — and about 40 percent do so every day.

High-end car buyers are especially prone to making mobile input part of their decision-making process. A survey by Ad-ology Research showed that online photos and videos were more integral to the purchase process for luxury and sports cars than for other types of cars.

Luxury automaker Land Rover has incorporated that finding into its marketing. Land Rover spokesman Ken Bracht told eMarketer that because a high percentage of the company's customers have been found to use smartphones, Land Rover has used mobile in its marketing for several years, including a mobile app called "Pulse of the City" and an online interactive movie.

The tactic has paid off in terms of higher-than-average engagement .

"It's difficult to get anyone to spend more than 120 seconds with your content," Bracht told eMarketer. "But we're seeing an average of seven minutes."