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Build Your Career Work-Life Balance

4 Reasons to Hang Up, Log Out and Take a Real Vacation


Phil Cooke's background is so unusual, it's hard to even explain what he does. A Hollywood producer, author and consultant, Cooke has traveled with the Bedouins, explored the headwaters of the Amazon and fallen out of a helicopter in Jamaica. He has lectured at Yale University, UC Berkeley and UCLA, and has spent the past thirty years advising many of the largest organizations in the world as well as producing national advertising for the largest companies in the country.

In his book "Jolt! Get the Jump on a World that’s Constantly Changing," (Thomas Nelson, 2011), Cooke lays out the guidelines and principles needed for anyone with a passion to change their life, their community or their company. One of Cooke's key pieces of advice: Take a vacation!

Cooke tells BusinessNewsDaily what taking a real vacation is crucial for growth and health.

Understand the real power of "disconnecting." – We've gotten so used to connecting with our mobile devices that we're starting to forget the human connection.  More and more studies are actually confirming what the Bible recommended thousands of years ago – learn to enjoy a "Sabbath."  Whether you take a day every week to relax, or focus it more on a vacation time, the point is to get away, unplug, and get refreshed. 

Don't enable your family and co-workers to ignore your time away. – Too often we don't draw a boundary with our friends and co-workers about being gone, and they end up calling over and over, spoiling your vacation.  Give them your office number and tell them to leave a message there.  Ask them not to call.  Share with them the importance of this time away.  Be nice, but be bold.  Tell children or loved ones to only call if it's an emergency.  

Don't answer the phone. -- Once your vacation starts, you have to respect it as well. With mobile devices, work has a way of creeping in.  Use your voice mail.  Learn to ignore.

Plan ahead. -- The most tempting time to use your mobile device is when you're bored.  So plan the time well.  You're less likely to interrupt your time away if you're riding horseback, playing at the beach, or climbing a mountain.  Interesting and well planned activities are the key to keeping your mind off work and coming back refreshed.  Summer's Here, Let the 'Workations' Begin