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Start Your Business Entrepreneurs

Education Can Make You an Entrepreneur

Many people believe being an entrepreneur requires an inherent skill set. But, in fact, entrepreneurship can be effectively taught, according to a recent Babson College study.

A survey of Babson's former alumni found that taking at least two entrepreneurship classes impacted students' intentions to be entrepreneurs. The survey results also showed these courses influenced students to become entrepreneurs long after graduation. Having a set business plan also played a role, but its influence on prospective young entrepreneurs was not as strong as taking multiple core elective courses, according to the survey.

However, results also indicated the proportions of alumni with interests in entrepreneurship steadily declined post-graduation. Factors associated with this decline may include salary increases, family commitment and alumni taking more time to realize their goals and intentions before actually becoming entrepreneurs.

"We think that entrepreneurship should be taught, not only for the production and training of entrepreneurs, but also to help students decide if they have the right stuff to be entrepreneurs before they embark on careers for which they may be ill-suited," the professors wrote. "At a more abstract level, we believe that entrepreneurship should be taught to every business student because it is the very origin of all businesses."