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Pet Pals: How Entrepreneurs Bring Their Pets to the Workplace


For many furry friends of entrepreneurs, it's truly a dog's life; many entrepreneurs take their canine pals to work with them. In fact, for some animal lovers, the ability to bring their four-legged friend to the office is part of the reason they started their own business in the first place.

It has even been proven that dogs increase worker productivity in the workplace.

With June 24 designated as “Take Your Dog to Work Day," Philadelphia-based Petplan, a pet insurance provider, offers business owners tips on how to bring their pet to work without problems.

  • Pet rules. Ground rules regarding pets in the office help to ensure that pets and people work together harmoniously. This pledge not only sets parameters for a pet’s presence in the office, but also makes employees aware of the inherent dangers that the workplace can pose.
  • Healthy paws. All pets must be current on their vaccinations and receive monthly flea and tick treatments.
  • Manners, please. Pets must be socialized and well-behaved. Aggressive behavior toward employees or other pets will not be tolerated and any pet who exhibits such behavior should be asked to leave.
  • Potty training. Dogs and cats must be housebroken. In the event of an accident, any damage is the responsibility of the pet parent.
  • Going solo. Pets must be supervised at all times to prevent injury and distractions to co-workers . If you know that you will be absent from the office for a long period of time, do not bring your pet to the office that day.