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Social Secrets: Enloop on Creating a 'Living Business Plan'

Social Secrets: Enloop on Creating a 'Living Business Plan'
Credit: Gonzalo Aragon/Shutterstock

Social media is a constantly changing medium. Mastering it is just as much an art as a science. Learning from other small businesses and entrepreneurs can spark ideas for all of us.

Cynthia McCahon, the CEO of Enloop, a company that prepares customized business plans, tells us her social media pet peeve and whether her business could exist without social media.

What does your business do? Enloop, a free software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool, not only helps anyone create a business plan but actually helps them determine the potential for success for their business via an easy to understand 'scorecard'. Enloop has turned the business plan into a cloud -based living document that allows anyone to evaluate the potential for success of a business idea, or improve existing businesses by using a predictive scoring algorithm.

What’s better for promoting your business: Facebook or Twitter? Twitter has been a tremendous help for us. We have been putting significant energy towards Facebook as well but have found better returns on Twitter.

How many Tweets do you send a day? About five to six, but if we are engaged in conversation the actual amount can get up to close to 20 in a day.

Who do you follow on Twitter? Small business influencers/experts, business bloggers/journalists, small business entrepreneurs, small business resources.

What’s your social media pet peeve? Sending too many tweets that have nothing to do with your targeted niche. Also, tweets that have no consistency and are all over the map.

What’s the next big social media platform? Quora has unbelievable potential, I have been using it over the past couple months and am consistently impressed by the value it provides me and my business.

Do you have a dedicated social media person? Yes, we have a social media coordinator who is fantastic! You can find her tweeting on @enloop or on her personal @almostperfect_a.

What company is doing social marketing best? PopChips, Axe and Pepsi. I also really like how some of the other financial services are using social media, especially Freshbooks.

What hash tag are you sick of? I love hashtags! Every day I go through the trending hastags and I have to say there are usually some pretty funny ones!

If you could create a new social media tool, what would it do? Well, interesting that you ask that -- we are actually working on one at the moment that I have to be tight-lipped about!

Could your business exist without social media? Yes, it could, but getting the word out and attracting customers would be much harder.

You can find Enloop on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @enloop.