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PopUp Profile: Penn Station on Track for Success


BusinessNewsDaily meets lots of entrepreneurs. We always find that learning about the person is as much fun as learning about their business. Our PopUp Profiles go beyond the bottom line to learn what makes them tick. Craig Dunaway is the president of Penn Station Inc., a franchise restaurant that’s known for its made to order grilled subs. He tells us who inspired him to become an entrepreneur and what he thinks is the next big thing.

What does your company do? Penn Station is a restaurant franchising concept focusing on hot, grilled, made to order subs.

What was your first job? Other than cutting lawns, working at a high school gym during the summer; I got paid to play sports. 

What was your worst job? Picking bushel baskets of green beans for 12 straight hours and getting paid $10 to do it. 

Who inspired you to become an entrepreneur? Famous entrepreneurs who’ve written books about not working for others and the sacrifices they made to become successful. 

What one person, dead or living, would you have on your fantasy board of directors? Jesus, because he had the right amount of compassion combined with personal responsibility and accountability.   

What fictional character do you most admire? John Galt. 

Social Media: Godsend or Evil Distraction? Distraction. 

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? I don’t eat breakfast.

What’s your ideal retirement? Working out hard every day and living where it’s warm, near a beach. 

Lefty or righty? Lefty. 

Why do you do what you do?
Because I don’t consider it work. 

What’s the next big thing? Growing to 500 units. 

What one thing does your company do really well? Helping franchisees micro-manage the little things in their business that will make them very successful. 

What one thing could you improve on? Taking more calculated risks. We abhor failure. 

If you could be CEO of any company for just one day, what company would you choose? Nike, because I need a new pair of running shoes. 

Who does the best job at branding their product? Apple. 

What are you reading? Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error by Kathryn Schulz.

Whose Advice do you take? Our founder’s and my father’s. 

Have you ever wanted to give up on your business? Never, you just need to keep working it. 

You can find Penn Station, Inc. on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @pennstationsubs.