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Grow Your Business Sales & Marketing

5 Reasons Consumers Use Daily Deals


If you send them, will they come? That's the million-dollar question facing businesses who are tempted to embrace daily deal or email coupon offers, but don't know whether they will drive business or repel customers.

According to one recent survey, 69 percent of Americans are already receiving as many as 20 "deal" emails on a daily basis. And, encouragingly for business owners, more than three out of five (62 percent) of American consumers use deal emails, with 35 percent saying they use them once a month or more.

This positive consumer response has, of course, resulted in an increasing number of deal offers. This influx of offers is, apparently, difficult for consumers to manage. Almost half of those surveyed (47 percent) said they end up deleting the daily emails, according to the survey from Savings.com.

Customers' reasons for participating in deals are mainly driven by price, but other considerations factor in as well: