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PopUp Profile: Jimmy Au's, the Height of Success


BusinessNewsDaily meets lots of entrepreneurs. We always find that learning about the person is as much fun as learning about their business. Our PopUp Profiles go beyond the bottom line to learn what makes them tick. Alan Au is the client relations director at Jimmy Au’s for Men 5’8” and Under, a company that sells clothing for men 5’8” and under. He tells us who inspired him to become an entrepreneur and what he thinks is the next big thing.

What does your company do? Our company designs and sells clothing exclusively for men 5'8" or shorter with service, selection and style specifically chosen/developed to flatter shorter men.

What was your first job? My first job with a paycheck outside my family was as a mobile disc jockey; which I still enjoy occasionally when time permits.

What was your worst job? My worst job was being a waiter at Denny's. It lasted a whole week. I could handle the fundamentals, but there was very little potential earning tips using my personality.

Who inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I would have to say my dad.

What one person, dead or living, would you have on your fantasy board of directors? I'm not sure if there would necessarily be one, but I would want my entire board to be under 5'8".

What fictional character do you most admire?

Social media: godsend or evil distraction?
An evil distraction for me a couple of years ago, but now becoming a godsend. There is huge marketing potential in social media. It's the way of the future.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Typically, cereal with milk or eggs.

What’s your ideal retirement? 60 years old and spending more time with my family and traveling with my wife.

Lefty or righty?

Why do you do what you do? I've found my own passion for this business. Until recently (five years ago), I've done what my dad has done more for his reasons, but I've found a different reason for continuing this business.

What’s the next big thing?
As far as menswear, better custom clothing by way of digitally scanning people. As far as the rest of the U.S., I think an iPad or similar device in the hands of every child with smart educational software to help teachers fill the gap with the nation's educational crisis.

What one thing does your company do really well? We make great-fitting clothes for short men.

What one thing could you improve on? Would love to have a greater online presence, we like being service-driven as a brick-and-mortar store.

If you could be CEO of any company for just one day, what company would you choose?

Who does the best job at branding their product? Apple — You would never guess the iPhone is a distant third in the smartphone market.